2wcom DAB+ solutions over satellite

2wcom DAB+ solutions over satellite
2wcom DAB+ over satellite

DAB+ Transmission System Basic (Satellite + ASI/IP contribution)

DAB+ distribution over satellite is probably the most convenient distribution technology for your business. Just think about trying to reach nearly 100% of your population via wire-fed DAB+ transmitters. Remote and sparsely populated regions, even in the industrial nations, are not reachable simple via cable/IP but the satellite signal reliable and ubiquitous!

Historically most of our customers start with an existing E1/IP distribution for their first tests and quickly reach an acceptable coverage and for the remaining remote areas they use commercial SAT distribution.

2wcom Systems provides flexible technology for integrating an existing DAB distribution system (via E1/IP) and complementing it perfectly with DAB+ satellite distribution – no matter which transmitter is chosen, how many transmitters are tied to E1/IP/ASI already, or which transmitter brand will be installed in future.


  • Mixture of IP and satellite distribution possible
  • Harmonic integration of your existing DAB+ distribution infrastructure (IP/Sat/E1/ASI)
  • Compliant with existing standards
  • Independent of the individual existing/future transmitter brand
  • Commercial, reliable, high-available business solution
  • Additional redundancy by creating a second distribution path
  • Reaches any remote area


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