Davicom Cortex 320

Cortex 320

Davicom’s powerful Cortex Series takes your transmitter remote control to the next level. This is a level where a remote control system actually reduces your workload instead of increasing it. It is a level where false alarms are minimized and where an intelligent unit takes care of the little things that waste so much of your time.

You can depend on this smart box to automatically reset or power-cycle flaky equipment, to start a backup device without requiring your attention and even to reboot your network if it stops responding. This is a level that is well beyond the FCC’s basic remote control requirements.

Davicom’s Cortex 320 Manages Remote Sites on a Budget Davicom’s new Cortex 320 allows the cost-effective management of remote sites and incorporates over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the remote site management industry. The resulting product is a versatile and intelligent unit that is more than reasonably priced.

Whether it be the versatile inputs that can be configured for either Metering or Status signals, the relays that can be set for Form A, B or C operation, the SNMP agent, the small size, the secure web-based access or the full electromagnetic immunity, every aspect of the Cortex 320 has been optimized to maximize value for small budgets.

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