DavNet Reports

DavNet Reports
DavNet Reports
DavNet Reports
DavNet Reports

Harness the power of your Davicoms and DavNet by adding the optional DavNet Report Generator.

Using custom logs from your Davicom, DavNet Report Generator can automatically produce charts and tables and email them to you on a regular basis.


  •          Find out exactly what’s been happening at your remote sites
  •          Spot fault trends before they take you off air
  •          Document on-air uptime and site availability
  •          Management reports for SLAs
  •          Engineering reports for detailed analysis
  •          Document 3rd party services to site (e.g. telecom or power)


  •          Generate reports from your Davicom custom logs
  •          Four different charts show analog and digital inputs as well as a Pie chart for availability
  •          Works fully offline – no need for Internet connection
  •          Can mix different sites onto one report
  •          Automatic report generation and email
  •          Half width charts for more information per page
  •          Zoomable tables

For more information see: 

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