DV Series Telemetry Units

Davicom DV Series
The Davicom DV Series is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the broadcasting and wireless telecommunications industries. These best-in-class, SNMP-enabled, stand-alone monitoring and control units interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, which ensures maximum flexibility and expandability. Although having remote transmitter sites improves coverage, this benefit comes at a price. When a problem occurs at the transmitter site, personnel must often travel there without knowing the nature of the problem nor for example, which spare parts to bring. A comprehensive remote monitoring system can indicate exactly what has happened and save valuable time.
Davicom units have been designed and tested to withstand harsh RF environments. Immediate access to real-time site information, like transmitter status, antenna VSWR, audio/video levels and presence, mains and auxiliary power levels, temperature, tower lighting, fire alarm and building security status can be just a mouse click away.

In order to ensure transmission sites are continuously up-and-running, Davicom systems provide automation with decision-making features and commands that go well beyond conventional telemetry systems. They can automatically perform antenna pattern changes, program chain switching, backup transmitter switchover, generator exercising, battery testing, etc.

Benefits of the Davicom system include:

  • Saves time and money - avoid unnecessary trips to remote sites.
  • Handles call-outs more efficiently - know what’s occurred before you go.
  • Reduces operational down-time - instant alerting, and automatic or remote manual intervention.
  • Reduces site maintenance costs - comprehensive logging and reporting helps diagnose and avert problems.
  • Enables network management - with DavNet, multiple sites can be monitored centrally.

Features of the Davicom system include:

  • Reliability - leading broadcasters have been using Davicom units for over 10 years.
  • Robustness - purpose-built architecture running Linux, with no moving parts such as hard disk drives or fans. Can handle electric fields of over 10 V/m and electrostatic discharges of 12 kV.
  • Versatile connectivity - by landline, mobile phone, RF link, satellite or IP network.
  • Versatile communication - send alarms as e-mails, mobile SMS text messages, vocalised phone calls, pager alerts, faxes or SNMP traps, and secure HTTPS access from a browser, including smart phones
  • Security - 128-bit encrypted IP included in communications options.
  • User-customisable interface - reflect the exact set-up of your site.
  • Bilingual capability - users can select different languages for vocal alerts and screen text e.g. English and Chinese.
  • Powerful logic functions - enabling programming of conditional actions and events.
  • Built in SNMP Agent & Manager with GET, SET & TRAPS available on the DV-Mini, DV208 & DV-216 units.
  • Multiple alarm calling lists - to direct event-based or time-based alerts at different sets of users.
  • Multiple timers - to allow scheduling of control tasks.
  • Audio streaming via IP or telephone for confidence check.
  • Can handle legacy/ancillary site equipment through serial and IP ports.
  • ModBus compatible - interfaces with industrial SCADA systems.
  • Highly accurate TCXO-based real-time clock, with daylight saving time enabled.
  • Fully SNMP compliant.
  • CE marked and RoHS/WEEE compliant.
  • .... and more to come in future firmware releases!

Applications for the Davicom system

The Davicom Davicom system was originally developed for the monitoring and control of equipment on unmanned remote and inaccessible radio and TV transmitter sites. The power and versatility of the system also make it suitable for applications far wider than the broadcasting industry - such as security, communications, utilities and industrial process control. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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