Inovonics 719-00 :: DAVID IV FM/HD Radio™ Broadcast Processor

Inovonics 719 DAVID IV
Inovonics 719 DAVID IV

The DAVID IV is the fourth generation processor in our DAVID (vs. Goliath) series of FM and HD Radio air-chain processors. Our streamlined, 100% DSP-based audio engine gives you total leverage over the most important sonic ‘signature’ parameters, while smart controls allow you to enhance program material quickly and effectively. Processing includes 5 bands of dynamics compression with equalization, intelligent gain-riding AGC (Automatic Gain Control), Bass and Stereo Field Enhancements, and our proprietary PIPP™ (Polarity Independent Peak Processing) limiter. The DAVID IV combines a remarkably clean sound with a premium FM Stereo Generator that also includes internal metering with combining for the RDS(RadioData System) subcarrier.

Setup is quick, and operation is intuitive via the multi menu front-panel interface or IP based remote control software, so you can make adjustments from the comfort of your favorite listening environment.

Presets are provided for popular world formats*, and user settings can easily be saved/backed up and shared over station networks. TCP/IP connectivity is virtually automatic and allows full remote control and access from anywhere in the world. Processing and stereo generator aside, the DAVID IV features a rugged closed box design (no fans or heat-sinks needed), with ultra low latency hardware allowing for direct off-air monitoring, and power to live audio in less than 1 second.

But how does it sound? When it comes to audio performance, the DAVID IV really delivers. With tight lows, open mids, crisp but controlled highs, and the dynamic flexibility to really stand out, the DAVID IV’s sound promises results on par with products more than double or triple it’s price class. It has never been easier (or more affordable) to achieve maximum audio performance without breaking the budget.

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