When it comes to broadcast consultancy services Radica has wide ranging expertise – our experienced staff can liaise with regulatory bodies over matters such as frequency allocations, antenna radiation patterns and licence applications, as well as advising on negotiations with transmission site owners and local authority planning departments.

Computer Predictions

In addition to such work, we also provide detailed computer predictions of geographical coverage and potential population reach for specific transmitter sites. Access to such information allows us to recommend the best transmission sites, and you to input detailed, accurate information into business development plans and licence applications.

Flexible Project Management

The scope of our involvement in any broadcast project can be defined by the client. If project management from start to finish is more than you require we can provide targeted input as may be needed. For example we can carry out site assessment visits to ensure a particular location is suitable for your needs or check over your business plan to make sure that the technical provisions are appropriate.

One Point of Contact

Radica consultancy services are provided on a confidential basis. Clients are allocated a project manager as a single point-of-contact for all enquiries. We are happy to discuss your plans in detail before entering into any formal consultancy arrangements.

Please contact us for more information, or to discuss a specific consultancy project,