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Telemetry Overview

Radica is the principal reseller for the Davicom Telemetry system, a market leading system offering complete control and confidence. Based in the UK, Radica offers Davicom products worldwide outside the Americas.

Automatic Reassurance

The Davicom unit watches over critical equipment such as transmitters, antennae, audio/video devices, power sources, building security, tower lights etc., and will act either automatically, or through the hands of an operator communicating via the remote software interface. The action might be to switch to back-up resources, re-route signals, or re-set trips.

Benefits of the Davicom system include:

Features of the Davicom system include:

Applications for the Davicom system

The Davicom system was originally developed for the monitoring and control of equipment on unmanned remote and inaccessible radio and TV transmitter sites. The power and versatility of the system also make it suitable for applications far wider than the broadcasting industry – such as security, communications, utilities and industrial process control. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.