Low Power AM

Low Power AM (LPAM) - transmission

Radica’s Low Power AM (LPAM) system provides a transmission solution for broadcasters with an Ofcom “Long Term Restricted Service Licence” to transmit within “establishments” at a radiated of power generally of 1 Watt. Radica have unparalleled professional experience in LPAM, and offer a complete service which extends from advising on location of the aerial to continuing maintenance programmes. Radica’s involvement with LPAM goes back to the inception of the licence in 1997, when we participated in trials and consultations with the Radio Authority. To date we have supplied and installed more than 80 systems across the UK, serving institutions such as universities, schools, hospitals, military camps, and even prisons! Radica’s transmission aerial is a compact and elegant structure: a 10 metre self-supporting, ground-mounting insulated mast. The transmitter may be installed in a cabinet at the base of this mast, or (as shown in this example) in a nearby building. We offer a service which includes aerial site selection, technical liaison with Ofcom, project management, supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment, monitoring of the transmission network via telemetry, and ongoing maintenance.

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Low Power Mast