Maintenance and Support for transmission systems

Radica provides ongoing maintenance of broadcast radio transmission systems, both those supplied and installed by ourselves and by third parties. We offer a service which comprises three elements:

Emergency support

Our emergency service extends from responding to alarms generated by the telemetry system, through providing telephone support to station staff to assist with a self-help solution, to on-site call-outs. Emergency support is provided at the request of the Client, and we will always consult before embarking on actions with significant cost implications. No annual charge or retaining fee is made for this service – we only charge if you make use of our services, against a standard rate card. Our services are available 24/7/365, and we operate on the basis of best endeavours with target minimum response times. We hold a selection of spare and standby equipment. Our aim is to deal with emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible because we know how important it is to stay on air.

Maintenance Reports

Annual Inspection

The Inspection is a planned programme to test the operation and functionality of all main and backup systems. Any noted faults, drifts, deteriorations or non-compliances – if they can’t be fixed on the spot – will be identified for actioning. Maintenance Tests and measurements are made using calibrated test equipment, and are recorded and included in a 20-page written report which also serves to demonstrate compliance with Ofcom’s Engineering Code of Practice. The inspection follows a 360-point standardised and repeatable written procedure. It covers all major aspects of the system including deviation, power, return loss, and spectral occupancy, as well as assessments of security and access, checks on consumables such as fan filters and batteries, and a non-climbing visual inspection of aerials. Also included in the report are suggestions and recommendations for improvements and enhancements to the system. The inspection is therefore a complete health check – a combined ”service and MOT”, if you like – to ensure the system is, and remains, working effectively and reliably.


By incorporating the Davicom DV Telemetry System at transmitter sites, instant alarms can be sent out when a fault occurs. The unit may be interrogated from anywhere in the world to find out exactly what is wrong, with the ability to correct the fault remotely. The Davicom DV Series includes models catering for systems of all sizes and complexities.

The Davicom DV Telemetry System:

The sample screenshot of the Davicom DavLink interface shows the presentation of audio and RF levels, status indications, and external controls, with simple colour codes for thresholds and alarm states. Alarms may be linked into Radica’s Network Monitoring Centre, where they are aggregated and centrally logged using Davicom DavNet software, and from where clients may be notified, and our engineers informed.

Please contact us to discuss how we may help your station see the benefits of increased reliability and cost saving through a planned maintenance scheme.

DV Screenshot
DavNet alarm