Online demo of Inovonics DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™

Following the launch of Inovonics’ Model 662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™, Radica are hosting an online demo of the unit. You’re welcome to try out this new product to see how it will help monitor your digital radio output. Based in the city of Brighton & Hove, UK, we have access to a range of broadcast ensembles, with both DAB and DAB+ transmissions. 


Monitor your DAB and DAB+ signal from any remote location via the Internet

  • Accurate front-panel and Web Interface program audio level display
  • BandScanner™ gives a spectrum plot of all or part of Band III
  • Station Rotation™ can monitor multiple station sequentially
  • AES digital AUX input can monitor hardwired audio program feeds A/B between source and air
  • Full dynamic browser support of all operating features, including audio streaming through the dynamic Web Interface
  • Sends instant error messages via email or SMS text; logs signal loss, audio loss, DAB/DAB+ loss
  • Easy setup and operation; full SNMP support
  • Headphone jack

Contact Radica for more details on price and availability.