Davicom SNMP and Temperature Sensors

Universal SNMP Interface for Davicom units

Davicom is pleased to introduce its Universal SNMP Interface for monitoring and control of any on-site SNMP-enabled equipment through Davicom’s DV-Mini and 208/216 units. From power generators to  encoders, microwave links and transmitters, Davicom’s SNMP interface can handle them all. A simple network cable and a low-cost network switch are all that is required to connect the Davicom to the devices. You have nothing extra to buy, SNMP is included and already built-in to Davicom’s DV-Mini and 208/216 products.

TSH-4 Temperature Sensor Hub

Davicom’s TSH-4 temperature sensor hub provides easy interconnection of up to 4 Dallas Semiconductor (now Maxim) One-Wire temperature sensors. Interfacing with Davicom’s Intelligent Remote Control  units is achieved through the unit’s Modbus Interface.


Davicom systems are used worldwide by industry leaders such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Bell Mobility, stations of the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as well as Environment Canada’s Weather-Radio Network.


Radica is a leading system integrator and equipment supplier based in the UK. For over 30 years Radica has been working with the broadcast radio market around the world and are distributors for 2wcom, Inovonics, Davicom, MNC Software and Nautel.

Radica are distributor for Davicom products in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Radica will be exhibiting at IBC from 9-13th September on stand 8.B38g in hall 8. Email enquiries@radica.com to book an appointment or find out more.

Download Radica Davicom SNMP Press Release