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Inovonics Introduce New DAB+ Monitors

Inovonics is pleased to introduce two new products to serve DAB / DAB+ radio broadcasters worldwide. Tuning all of Band III and conforming to Worldwide standards, these compact receivers each meet a particular need for monitoring the digital broadcast off-air.

These compact INOmini receivers are sized to fit three units in our 19″ 1U Rack Shelf for a professional installation. Broadcasters can choose from a wide variety of Inovonics’ INOmini models for a customized “RackPack” solution that fits their unique needs.

INOmini 660 DAB/DAB+ Confidence Monitor


– Reception of all standard DAB and DAB+ broadcasts

– Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree

– Front-panel display of most-essential DAB and DAB+ PAD (Program-Associated Data) information.

– Provision for PAD meta data analysis and logging with a connected computer.

– Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs

– Front-panel alarms with rear-panel tallies for Carrier Loss, Digital Program Loss and Audio Loss

– Firmware  updates via USB port on front panel

– Headphone jack

660 Right 3QTR