MNC Software

MNC Software is a forward-thinking and innovative company focused on supplying high-quality software and software services to the aerospace and broadcasting industries.  Their engineering team has over 50 years of combined experience developing and integrating mission critical real-time monitor and control systems.  They designed, developed, and deployed the first true commercial multi-satellite capable monitor and control system.  They developed and integrated various network management software solutions for use in broadcast management, ground station management, and infrastructure management.

In June of 2008, MNC Software was formed in San Diego, California to continue the evolution of what a monitor and control product can and should be. Their prior experience with these disparate monitor and control system requirements and operational philosophies instilled in them the need for the following company-wide principles:

  • Superior software architecture
  • Highest quality standards
  • Exceptional customer communication and support

These principles are evident in their core product, Mosaic, and the consistent high level of satisfaction of their customers around the world.  Combined, these have allowed MNC Software to maintain continuous year over year growth even during the recent difficult economic times.  This growth has been continuously fed back into Mosaic resulting in the world’s most advanced monitor and control solution.

Simply put, the motto at MNC Software is that they are committed to providing satellite and network operators with the tools and solutions to simplify the complex tasks required of them.

Mosaic Network Management Software
Mosaic is a scalable, extensible framework providing organizations with the tools to manage large and complex service delivery infrastructures.  Mosaic was designed to deliver clear and read more ...